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ABC Eyewitness News - Nip & Tuck, Medical Travel on the Rise - March 2011

Travel For Care is featured in this ABC NYC Eyewitness News Report

New York Times- Going abroad to find Affordable Healthcare- March 2009


Read the detailed experience of a satisfied medical traveler and learn why thousands of Americans are venturing overseas to receive healthcare attention.


Milenio- Monterrey, Medical Tourism Capital - January 2010

-Spanish Original

-English Translation By Google


How Monterrey is becoming Mexico's premier medical travel destination. Travel For Care is mentioned.



The McKinsey Quarterly- Mapping the Market for Medical Travel- May 2008


More and more people are leaving the comfort of their homes to achieve quicker access to high quality, low cost healthcare. Learn more about the movement of Medical Travel and its growing popularity.


Deloitte Report on Medical Tourism- Consumers in Search of Value-

With healthcare costs constantly rising, traveling abroad for healthcare is a practical solution. Read about this exciting new trend and discover how it might be the right decision for you.


New York Times- More Fun than Root Canals? It´s the Dental Vacation- February 2007


Ever imagined tying together your dental work or other medical procedures, with a much needed vacation? You can receive amazing care at low prices, and enjoy yourself in the meantime. Mexico Builds Hospitals to Lure Medical Tourist from America- March 2008

Discover how JCI accredited hospitals, low prices and specialized attention is drawing Americans south of the border for their healthcare needs.


Medical Tourism Magazine- Monterrey Healthcare City- Talent and Technology to Treat You-March 2008


Achieve amazing medical results with the most specialized healthcare attention. Here in Monterrey, we boast the best options in technology, quality care, and affordable prices.


Medical Tourism Magazine- All About Monterrey, Mexico- February 2008

Read what Monterrey, Mexico has to offer as an exciting travel destination and why it is the perfect place to meet your healthcare needs.

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