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My whole experience with you was great! you are a sweetheart.. i'm so glad i used ya'll to take care of me..i always felt safe and a bit spoiled..thank you for guys rock at travel for guys are absolutely the best..where would i ever get this kind of care in the U.S.?
Suzie Hamilton - San Antonio, TX
It's been a wonderful experience. Dr. Kirsch has done a great job and you guys have been so supportive. I'll definitely recommend Travel For Care to friends and relatives.
Carolyn Hull - Rotan, TX
I simply can't say enough about Dr. Munro-Wilson and his Staff. They went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and well informed. The results: It has made a huge difference in my life and my self esteem . My friends can't believe the difference in me. They say I look 30 years younger and the good thing is I feel it. I can't wait to arrive back in Mexico in Sept for my last surgery on face... A new nose, Oh yeah!!!! Now about Gabriel, He was the kindest man I ever hope to meet in this life time, He went above and beyond his duty also. Always kind, cheerful. Ready to help in anyway. I can't say enough about these wonderful people. I plan on a complete body lift after my face... I trust Dr Munro-Wilson with my life.
Ina Nunnery - Cleburne, TX
ON THIS PATIENT'S FACEBOOK PAGE: Brandy Kizer thinks that Travel for Care is ahead of its time. This is the coordinating service I used to find my surgeon in Mexico. They handle more than just weight loss surgery. LASIK, dental, cancer... All kinds. Go to Just check it out. If you ever need services that are cost prohibitive in the US or you just want the very best care, it's good to know coordinators like this exist.
Further Testimonial By Email: I want to thank you all again for the truly amazing care I received in Monterrey. I expected good care. You exceeded that expectation by leaps and bounds. I tell everyone I know about you. I can't wait to come back!
Brandy Kizer - Logansport, IN
My experience with Travel For Care was good. I really liked having someone with me who spoke Spanish. I would of been miserable otherwise. When Gabriel was waiting for me at the airport, that was amazing... I felt first class all the way... The hospital I stayed in (CEMCA) was five star! The staff was all very helpful and friendly... Thanks for all your help! This would have never happened without Travel For Care!
April Naill - Ridgecrest, CA
I just wanted to express to you [Gabriel] and Heather so many thanks for an exceptional experien ce. I just wanted to let you know Everything went really well. Your service was way more than anticipated. Camino Real [hotel] was fabulous. You guys were so supportive. Honestly your website does not express enough the level of class you both exude.
Danielle Jackson - New York, NY
Sabrina Little - Baltimore, MD
I want to congratulate your company,TravelforCare, for helping find the BEST doctor for me. I also want to thank you, Gabriel, for your professionalism, attentiveness, and for making my experience as easy and comfortable as possible. My surgery went great, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I have already told all my co-workers,friends and family all about it! In case anybody is considering surgery I will gladly continue to recommend TravelforCare. Once again, THANK YOU for everything!
Alex Cepeda - San Juan, TX
I want to let you know that it was a great experience to work with all of you [Heather and Gabriel], and Dr. Vidaurri was the best choice for me. All of you are very professional, honest and inspire me to be the best and passionate of what I do in life. The surgery went smooth and very good.
Mayte Morales - San Antonio, TX
Thank you Heather and Gabriel. I had a great experience with my dental treatment at Imagen Dental in Nuevo Laredo. I will recommend this option to all my family and friends.
Bob Simmons - Austin, TX
I am now at the end of my first month of recovery from my surgery, and I have only good things to say about this medical experience. Hospital San Jose TEC in Monterrey is a modern facility with advanced technology and expert care surgeons and technicians. Dr. Lopez Verdugo and Dr. Victor Camacho, heads of the urology surgery team, offered detailed information and professional answers throughout the process. After making contact with the hospital, the follow up came from “Travel for Care”. This medical travel service scheduled a conference call with the Doctors of the urology team to further discuss my specific case and procedures for radical Prostatectomy. They provided continuous assistance and information simplifying all travel arrangements, local transportation and hotel reservations.
C.M. - Denver, CO
My doctor was constantly present throughout my stay at Hospital San Jose, so I felt very well taken care of. Everything was well organized, and the Hospital itself was beautiful!
Marie Walsh
I must say this was a life changing experience for me. I have never been happier, I feel great, and my self-esteem has shot through the roof. I chose Dr. Rumbaut and his team because they were willing to help me in any way they could. I was nervous walking into the hospital, but when I saw the facilities and the surgical team, I felt completely relaxed and ready to proceed with the surgery.
...and the world class hospitals that can be found in Monterrey; what I did not anticipate was the level of personal care I received, and the convenience of the modern city of Monterrey. - Thank you, I will happily recommend you should any friends or family be in need of surgery.
Stanley Adams - Austin, TX
Everybody treated me really well- the nurses, my doctor…she was excellent! I felt very comfortable here, I knew I was in great hands.
Erik Shafer
Having gastric bypass with Dr. Rumbaut has been THE BEST thing I have ever done for myself. My only regret is not having done it sooner. When I started this journey I weighed 380 lbs. Now I weigh around 175 lbs. I have my life back!
I had the lap-band performed in Monterrey, Mexico by Dr. Rumbaut. First of all, I have worked in MANY hospitals in my 25 years of nursing and none has been as nice, modern, well staffed by competent nurses and aesthetically pleasing as this hospital in Monterrey. I've also known lots of surgeons and few are as experienced, humorous, dedicated and skilled as Dr. Rumbaut. He has done this procedure thousands of times, teaches surgeons all across the world and is co-author of the book on lab-band surgery.
Knowing that I can smile without being embarrassed is the best reward. After my Orthodontic treatment I have a nice smile and can laugh freely.
Today, 20 days after my surgery, I am very satisfied with the results. As of today, I can bend my knee enough to sit comfortably, go up and down stairs, and do the majority of my daily activities normally. The personnel and facilities of Ortho and Hospital San Jose - especially Dr. De la Garza - are first class and I highly recommend them.
Antonio Alvarez
Five years ago I thought that I would never be able to have babies, and today, after all these years, I live happily with my two sons.
Thank you so much Dr. Fernando de la Garza. You were always there- in the morning, in the afternoon- everyday your presence gave me confidence that everything was okay. The surgery went just as planned,…..five months have passed and I am doing very well….I walk without pain, I feel better than before I had the operation.
Mirtala Barrera
My kidney transplant [at Hospital San Jose] was a success!
Pedro Walsh
When I met Dr. Rumbaut, he made me feel confident that he was a surgeon that I could trust with my life. One year after surgery I was at my goal weight and weighed less that I had ever dreamed of. Now my life is very different, I can relate to people and am very confident about myself. This is the best decision I ever made. Thank you Dr. Rumbaut!
I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my treatment at Imagen Dental, that's why I recommend it wherever I go. Today I have the freedom to smile and know that my smile is beautiful and healthy. It makes me feel younger, more attractive, and happier. Imagen Dental doctors are very well prepared, apart from being very kind in their service.
Emelia Valdez
Every nurse is very attentive [at Hospital San Jose].
Jose Carlos Padilla
The doctors were always very attentive. One thing I appreciated was being able to ask questions. They were always very open and told us exactly what was happening…a patient has the right to know what is going on. I even had three doctors at a time helping me.
Ann Miller
Dr. Lara was fantastic.. he pleased me with the little extra lipo areas I asked.. I had a full consultation with him before my surgery, then he visited me the day after, and he went to see me at the guesthouse immediately once that I had a question for him.
Ayanna Cummings-Jones - Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Lara did a great job. I'll be a returning customer, for sure.
Candice Hall - Detroit, MI
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