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How Travel For Care Can Help You
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How Travel For Care Can Help You

Getting healthcare away from home involves several additional steps and challenges when compared to going to your local hospital. You not only have to figure out which doctor and hospital to choose, but you must also: attend remote consultations, schedule a trip around the procedure, bring along a companion, and figure out if there are any post-operatory aspects to take care of when you get back. However complex it may seem, these additional challenges are why we’re here. Travel For Care helps you all the way from the moment in which you begin considering great healthcare options abroad to the time in which you are safely back at home.

First, we are here to answer all your questions and concerns. We want to help you understand the benefits of medical travel, whether it is right for you, and what the process is like. You will be in close contact with your case manager, who is an American living in Monterrey, with English as her mother tongue, and great people skills.

Second, we give you carefully selected and proven options. To this end, we have previously selected each and every doctor, hospital, clinic, and facility in the geography where we operate in order to create nothing but the best possible network covering a very wide spectrum of specialties and several price levels to fit your budget. This was done in months of interviewing doctors, hospital directors, visiting facilities, talking to past clients, checking records and statistics, and cross referencing and validating everything with the most reputed and knowledgeable healthcare professionals and consultants. Quality checks and agreements were also established with the travel agents, hotels, ground transportation and concierges, insurance companies, and the financing providers we work with. It is also important to mention that we have negotiated prices with everyone in the network as well as with our logistics providers which are often better than the prices to the general pub lic.

Third, we guide and take you through the planning process. We reach out to your doctors to provide them with your information, records, files, and images. We coordinate your procedures, travel, and logistics in a way that suits your needs. And, we will facilitate your advance payments, help you talk to your insurance company, assist you with getting complications and malpractice insurance, and contact you with finance providers.

Fourth, we are here for you during your trip. The case manager with which you have been in contact throughout the process will be your local advocate. You will not only meet this person, but also count on them to defend your interests with doctors, hospitals, and transportation providers. We will always act in your best interest and assist you with any special needs.

Last, our guidance and assistance does not end when you leave. Count on us to help you solve any pending issues, communicate with your doctor or any other parties, and schedule follow up sessions (phone or in-person). As you might have figured out by now, Travel For Care has already cleared the path for you, and from the moment you contact us, we’ll make it easier and let you focus on what really matters, your health and well-being.

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The Travel For Care Process

1. The Medical Travel Decision

Once you have talked to us or browsed our website and have decided to get personalized attention from Travel For Care, please fill out the brief and simple application form we have under “Get a Customized Quote”. This will grant you access to a secure portal where you will find information on your selected procedure, the specific doctors and hospitals, and in some cases, tentative prices and schedules. This will also be the place where we will leave you documents, contracts, questionnaires, communicate with you, and allow you to upload any files, records, pictures, and messages you need. At this point, you will have a lot of information to go through and Travel For Care will always be there to assist you in your decision. The next steps in the process involve one-on-one, highly personalized services which are very time and resources consuming. To this end, patients proceeding further are required to pay an up-front $295 deposit as a commitment. This deposit will be credited in favor of any advances that providers require or any expenses we incur on your behalf. We will return any amount left after your procedure but we will not return this deposit should you abandon the medical travel planning process.

2. Scheduling Treatment and Trip

Once you have decided to move forward with your medical travel planning, the first step is choosing a doctor or group of doctors to have a consultation with. Based on tentative pricing and doctors’ experience, let us know who you would like to speak with and provide us with tentative schedules so we can arrange a phone call. We encourage you to speak with more than one doctor as this will help you gain more confidence in your decision. Once you have chosen a doctor, we will let you know if they require you to upload any information to the portal or send any medical records, x-rays, lab results, medical opinions, or pictures in advance. Once this conversation has taken place, the doctor will provide you with a preliminary price for your procedure and other details. Should you accept and move forward, we would schedule the procedure according to your preferred dates and immediately provide you with quotes for airfare, hotels, and concierge services. An initial deposit handled by Travel For Care in the name of the doctor and hospital, will be requested from you in the form of a bank transfer or a mailed check. Travel arrangements handled by our partner travel agency can be paid with a credit or debit card. Once the procedure and your logistics are scheduled we will place all documents, reservations, invoices, and other information in the portal for you to access.

3. The Procedure

When arriving at your destination, you will be greeted by your Travel For Care concierge. This person will handle all your ground transportation and will follow your schedule in order to take you to and from the hotel, your medical appointments, and any other trips you might need. You will also be visited by your Travel For Care Manager, who will make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. A typical procedure involves a first day of in-person consultation and tests, followed by the day of the procedure, and might also include days at the hospital or at the hotel with post-operatory appointments. Your Travel For Care Manager will be in touch throughout this time and will help you address concerns with the hotel, hospital room, medical staff, billing, records, travel itinerary, and anything else. After you have completed this stage and get back home, Travel For Care will continue to assist you with any related needs.

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Choose Travel For Care

We have created a different medical travel solutions firm.

Our main focus is quality healthcare, not an exotic trip.
You shouldn’t be teased by websites with beaches and palm trees when the real question is taking care of delicate health issues. You don’t have to fly half way around the world, spending several days recovering from jetlag, and finding yourself immersed in an extremely different culture to get a medical procedure. You deserve a top-notch medical destination very close by.

We know our network of doctors.
Simply calling a hospital in a foreign country and asking for a list of surgeons does not guarantee a quality network. Reputation checks, cross referencing, achievements, testimonials, statistics, personal visits, and interviews should help you feel comfortable that we have done our homework.

You’ll see us face to face.
How can you act in the best interest of a patient while being thousands of miles away? At Travel For Care we stand by the belief that services should be personal and that there’s no better way to show accountability for our services than meeting you face to face once you’re here.

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Travel For Care Video

How Medical Travel Can Help You Save on Healthcare

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About Travel For Care

Travel For Care is an innovative medical travel firm based in both Mexico and the US providing Americans and Canadians with access to high quality, affordable healthcare. The firm provides thorough guidance and personal assistance before, during, and after a patient's medical trip, and counts on a track-record proven network of healthcare services providers in Torreon, Monterrey, and San Antonio, TX. The firm spun from the 2005 University of Chicago Booth School of Business business plan competition but was finally up-and-running by early 2009. It has evolved ever since, building on its experience and becoming a reputed player in the industry.


The Team:

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